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Kele reaches quarterfinals of basketball tournament

Proceeds destined for victims of typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines

Sharjah, 05 February2010
In an effort to support victims of typhoon Ondoy (and those that occurred in its wake) in the Philippines, Kele Contracting LLC, is participating in a basketball competition organized by Kabayan Kapit Bisig (KKB), a Dubai-based, Filipino non-governmental organization. In the process, the Kele team secured a place in the quarterfinals, which took place on 29 January. During that match, Kele’s team beat the number one ranking team in the group by 25 points, ensuring them a spot in the semifinals on 5 February, when the team will be facing Al Shirawi. The match is expected to be tight as the Al Shirawi team is regarded as tough opponents.

Commenting on this initiative, Andrew Elias, CEO of Kele Contracting, said: “Basketball has become a popular sport in the Middle East with a rapidly growing number of fans. We are pleased to support this tournament as sport creates and strengthens vital links between people.

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