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Kele Contracting eyes Saudi as the ‘next big thing’

Raza Jafar: Its thirst for contractors for new large-scale projects makes the Saudi Kingdom the next logical step in Kele’s continued expansion

Sharjah, 15 March 2010
Kele Contracting LLC, a partnership founded in the UAE in 2005 between Kele International Holdings and ENSHAA, is bringing its already-impressive expansion to Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom has announced a series of mega-projects, and has been considerably more resistant to the global economic downturn due to increases in the price of oil, new government policies making it easier to own property, and flexible laws for foreigners to establish companies.
So says Raza Jafar, Chairman of Kele, who is excited about the prospects for Kele’s growth in the Kingdom.
Kele’s mission, says Jafar, is “to be recognised across the region as the most progressive construction management and contracting company.” The company was created to bring together pre-eminent Australian construction techniques and processes with ENSHAA’s experience in the Gulf region. Together, they have taken a strategic, united approach to bring Kele International Holdings’ construction management and expertise to the mid-2000s boom in Dubai’s construction industry.

Now, and on the back of its opening of new headquarters in Sharjah, Kele is seeking opportunities into the Saudi market. Says Andrew Elias, Kele’s CEO: “Saudi is now announcing many projects including towers and large-scale commercial and residential developments. Our market research clearly shows us that Saudi is starving for contractors just as Dubai was in 2005 and 2006. We therefore see great potential to enter the market at this point in time”.

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