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Kele Contracting ends plight of 10 Bangladeshi workers

Workers living with expired residential visas thankful to Kele management for giving them job

The plight of the 10 destitute Bangladeshi workers - laid off by their company and compelled to live in dingy conditions outside an abandoned construction site – is finally over after Kele Contracting gave them jobs and issued visas for them. The workers, whose unpaid wages of several months accumulated to over thousands of dirhams, were abandoned by their employer, Robust Contracting, after the company’s assets were liquidated through court orders for not paying their debts. “Initially it was 30 of us, but many found friends or relatives who let them share their roof.


After they were gone, it was just the 10 of us, living near the Dubai Investments Park in the scorching heat, without electricity or running water. We waited for months, but in the end, it was all worth it,” one of the workers said. “Thanks to Kele Contracting, we have a future to look forward to,” he added. Andrew Elias, CEO Kele Contracting, commented, “We are glad to have played our part in helping these workers stand on their feet once again, allowing them to help themselves and their families.



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