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Rising Sun Institute


Rising Sun Institute for special needs children in Lahore, Pakistan, has two branches:
a) DHA Branch. Has 231 enrolled students and 51 outreach (visiting twice a week)
b) Mughelpura Branch. Has 113 enrolled and 30 outreach (visiting twice a week).
With a team of experienced and professional special educators and care-givers, Rising Sun Institute provides care and service and is dedicated to help special children and their families to live normal lives. At Rising Sun, special children develop self-care and vocational skills while also being involved in stimulating extracurricular programs. Our current Group commitment includes quarterly monetary and active involvement in the future outlook of the program.
Rising Sun sends the group items (floor mats, shawls, cell phone holders, cloth handbags) handmade by the special needs children in exchange for the monetary support to foster a sense of accomplishment amongst the children rather than simply receiving a donation.
Rising Sun Institute Focuses on:-
a) Global and Mental Retardation (Mild to Severe).
b) Cerebral Palsy – Brain damage during pregnancy or first two years of life
c) Autism
Children are grouped age wise, sex and intellectual performance.
Curriculum includes Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Teachers Training Workshop for Special Needs and Inclusive Education, Computer Education, Tailoring and Embroidery, Bead Works, Sequiks Work, Wood Work, Small Hand Looms, Sports (Nine gold medals in International Special Olympics, 2007, Shanghai, China).

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