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Kele Labor Camp Catering Service

As part of the wellbeing of our labor force we have implemented a catering service in our labor camp

All Kele laborers receive 3 cooked meals per day which includes a full unlimited buffet dinner. The labor can eat till their hearts content as part of this service. Kele have also provided each laborer with his own personal steel lunch container to transport food to site. This eradicates both hygiene and health issues as the food is no longer carried in plastic bags. The food is kept clean, safe and at an appropriate temperature.

The buffet offers a wide variety of gourmet foods including; chicken, mutton and vegetable briyani, curry and masala as well as fish dishes, various types of breads, beans, potato’s, rice, chapatti, pakora and steamed vegetables. Kele believes the health and wellbeing of our workforce is crucial to both quality of life and exceeding ethical public standards for labor welfare. Through this initiative Kele has witnessed a sharp decline in labor days off, sickness and fatigue. Our labor force stays healthy, fed, strong, happy and ready for work. The feedback from 100of the laborers is that they love and appreciate the new food services that have been provided by Kele.

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