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About Us


Kele's  management team consists of construction innovators allowing them to think creatively about each project. It is exciting to be a part of such a team and to lead Kele into new and diverse opportunities.

The team's extensive international experience combined with a regional track record is utilised to find optimum construction solutions. The most rewarding part of Kele's service is creating additional value for its clients through value engineering. Wherever possible, Kele encourages clients and consultant engineers to bring Kele into the development and design process at the earliest opportunity, such that  Kele's in-house skills can be fully implemented to reduce cost and shorten project duration.  Kele is committed to raising standards in the construction industry through an innovative management team and diversified labour force that delivers projects on schedule.

Looking to the future, all of the key elements for success for meeting Kele’s goals are already in place. Therefore, Kele is extending its services across the UAE and Middle East forging strategic partnerships with both local and international investment companies and developers.

Andrew Elias
Group CEO


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